Vestige CNT Presentation PDF Download | Hindi & English 2020

From the beginning, Plan & Products Presentations are the most prominent task in MLM Recruitment & Product Selling. Vestige Marketing Private Limited is the leading Company in Indian MLM Industries and does top in the list of fastest-growing Network Marketing Companies.

Vestige Business Plan produced several MLM Leaders in India including Siddharth Singh who is the highest earner in Vestige.

Vestige CNT Programs

Vestige CNT Programs are a type of gatherings of Vestige Direct Sellers. Full form of CNT in Vestige Cellular Nourishment Therapy. By name it looks like, there will be something like medical activities, but it is nothing more than product & plan presentation.

Vestige tagline is “Wish You Wellth”. Vestige’s so-called leaders convey that, the different spelling of wealth denotes “Wealth”, “Wellness” & “Health”.

So, Vestige Presentation & CNT teaches about Vestige Products and Plan.

Download Vestige CNT PDF

Vestige CNT PDF Download

If you are a Vestige Distributor and going to organize a presentation program, the below-given PDF might help you.

Click on the below to Download Vestige Presentation PDF in English. It is 162 pages PDF which contains information about Vestige Profile, Management, Products & Marketing Plan. (Source: SlideShare)

Here is another Vestige CNT PDF in Hindi. Below PDF describes more about vestige products and importance in Hindi. (Source: SlideShare)

Next is the Vestige Business Plan PDF which is officially launched on Vestige Website. Below PDF describe more about the vestige compensation plan.

Here is the Vestige Products Catalogue in Hindi. This products catalogue is released by vestige which gives a detailed overview of featured products.

Next is the Vestige Products Catalogue in English. This catalogue is also available on the Vestige Official Website which highlights their products.

The last PDF is of Vestige Products Price List. You can download the Vestige Products Price List PDF by clicking the below button. From this PDF you will get to know more about vestige products range, pricing and given PV, BV.


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