Swamini Life Business Plan PDF Download

Welcome to this post, where we will provide you with an overview of the business plan offered by Swamini Life.

In this post, we will explain Swamini Life’s income plans and discuss some important aspects to consider. Additionally, we will provide you with the opportunity to download the Swamini Life Business Plan PDF, enabling you to delve deeper into the details.

Swamini Life Business Plan

Swamini Life is an MLM company that offers four different income plans. While understanding the nuances of MLM can be challenging, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of any business before getting involved.

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Swamini Life was first started in 2018 somewhere in Maharashtra. After that it was incorporated in 18 December 2019. It only costs 1600 rupees to join Swamini Life network marketing

To know more about its business plan go through the below details

Swamini Life Income Plan

Swamini Life offers a diverse range of income plans.

  • The Silver Plan involves adding direct referrals in a 1:1 ratio in your downline team, resulting in a profit of Rs 1500 through matching.
  • The Gold Plan requires matching pairs in a 10:10 ratio within your downline team, providing a commission of Rs 15,000.
  • The Repurchase Income plan offers commissions when your downline members repurchase products.
  • Each purchase is assigned a Business Volume (BV) value, which contributes to calculating the income.
  • Lastly, the Awards and Rewards Income is based on pairing matches within your downline. Various ranks are associated with this income plan.

Download Swamini Life Business Plan PDF

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Swamini Life’s business plan, you can download the Swamini Life Business Plan PDF by following the link provided.

Swamini Life presents a business plan that involves multiple income streams through MLM. Additionally, the joining package cost is relatively high, and the focus on binary plans raises concerns about money circulation.

It is crucial for individuals considering this opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the quality and affordability of Swamini Life’s products rather than being solely driven by the allure of the binary plan.


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