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About Glaze India Trading Private Limited

Company NameGlaze Trading India Private Limited
Year Incorporated2004
DirectorsSanjeev Chhibber, Chetan Parkash Handa, Sarabjeet Singh, Sumit Kohli, Nisha Dutta
Head OfficeJanakpuri, New Delhi

Glaze India Products

Glaze Trading India Private Limited has a subsidiary, Galway. Therefore Glaze India’s Direct Seller has to sell products of Galway.

The products are sub-categorized in the following way.

  • Natural Twist
  • Rupabham
  • Srigunam
  • Kalkim
  • Nutriflow
  • Colourline
  • Grihshoryam
  • Dantauram
  • Krisham

Galway Product’s quality is average but like other MLM Companies, Galway products are also overpriced.

For example, Colgate Toothpaste Strong Teeth 150 GM will cost you around 65 Rs. And on the other side, Galway Green Gel Toothpaste and Herbal Panchtatva Toothpaste 150 GM pack price 99 Rs and 72 Rs respectively.


So most of Galway products are slightly overpriced and which is quite common in Indian MLM Companies. You can also make a comparison to know more. Check Glaze Products List

Income Plan

Glaze India Income plan is complicated to understand to some extent. In Glaze India, every direct seller gets a level that is from CD to RD and more.

The level depends on the IP (Incentive Point) earned. 1 IP is equaled to 300 Rs and to reach the CD-level every direct seller needs to collect 50 IP. And to get 50 IP, a person has to purchase products of 15,000 Rs.

Every direct seller earns a 5-6% performance bonus on each successive level.

But it is complicated to understand. Why glaze set a fixed percentage value to each level and when calculating performance bonus we have to minus the current level percentage value to the preceding level percentage value.

And in the end, the performance bonus is just 5% to 6% and nothing more.

Training & Support

Most of Glaze Direct Seller are agree with that, Glaze conduct seminars and training sessions.

But most of the seminar is about the motivational story and in rare cases, the presentation of the products or skills development focused.

On the name of training sessions, direct sellers get lure by motivational speeches and which are not obviously every direct seller needs.

Every MLM Company should focus on developing skills primarily and then other things.


Glaze India trading private limited has positive opinions. but most of our visitors complained that they are recruited in Glaze India forcefully or by false information.

Many people are lured to join Glaze India on the name of Fixed Salary & Job.

MLM is not a job and we can never expect any fixed income in any MLM Company. Because our income is totally depended on product purchases made by ourselves and our downline which always varies.

And this clarifies that MLM can never pay you a fixed salary.

Primarily, the fraud direct sellers who use the deceptive method of recruitment are responsible for fraud in Glaze India.

No Title

Rated 1 out of 5
August 30, 2020

Mera Name Mohammad Raza Hai mai Is Company me 4 month se hun yani mai is company ka 1 Distributor hun aor mujhe is Company me Income karna sab se aasan laga ke kam same me zyada Rupya income karna


Great company

Rated 5 out of 5
August 2, 2020

Glaze is a one of the best company in india.it’s education system is awesome,glaze aslo focus your growing and get you a to z knowledge about products and how to use,and how you expend your business.and company products quality is great.becouse global Asia best quality products award title glaze earn 2019-2020.you can imagine how it’s good.it is my experience and I still support it.


Hight quality products

Rated 5 out of 5
July 1, 2020

Best Direct selling business development plans


Good MLM Company

Rated 5 out of 5
April 19, 2020

Mera Name Mohammad Raza Hai mai Is Company me 4 month se hun yani mai is company ka 1 Distributor hun aor mujhe is Company me Income karna sab se aasan laga ke kam same me zyada Rupya income karna ho to uske liye Glaze 1 Behtareen company hai Agar kisi ko Bahut Jaldi Ameer Banna Ho To oh mere whatsapp No par Contact Kare
Whatsapp No…8873432043

Mohammad Raza

Fraud company cheating for job robber 20000₹

Rated 1 out of 5
April 15, 2020

Glaje ek fraud compny hai logo ko naukri ke name pr bewkoof bnakar compny ka ghatiya bekaar product becha jata hai total 420 ka kaam hai bande aur logo ko jhooth bolkar naukri ke name pr lootna inka glaje ke choro ka kaam hai,

Deshraj Gautam

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