PLC Ultima Real or Fake? Honest Review

This post is an unbiased review of an MLM company and investment opportunity named PLC Ultima.

PLC Ultima also known as PLCU has gained immense popularity in recent times. But there are various doubts and concerns regarding this platform.

One of our site visitors asked us to share insight about this platform, so we are here for an in-depth inspection of this company.

This PLC Ultima review will share details about the company profile, products and PLCU income plan. Lastly, we will answer the most frequent question about it, Is PLC Ultima Scam?

So let’s get started.

What is PLC Ultima?

Company NamePLC Ultima
FounderAlex Reinhardt
When Started2021
Head OfficeGeorgia
Opportunity TypeCrypto-MLM
ProductsCrypto Investment Plans
Joining Cost€ 110

PLCU is operated through and receives most visitors from Switzerland (23%), Germany (18%), Hungary (11%) and Portugal (8%).

PLC Ultima also focuses on Asian countries by releasing promotional videos in local languages.

PLC Ultima site footer shows its legal name as Digitech A LLC and the corporate address of Georgia. But we are not able to verify the incorporation as well as the address.

plc ultima classic

Morever, the PLCU Facebook page is managed by different admins from Georgia, Cyprus, Russia, UAE and India.

PLC Ultima is founded by Alex Reinhardt, let us know more about him.

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Who is Alex Reinhardt?

Alex Reinhardt promotes himself as an international entrepreneur, venture capitalist, business coach and crypto technology expert.

plcu founder

Alex started his first crypto venture as Platin Coin in 2017. In 2018 PLC coin started growing and reached a peak in 2019. Later it collapsed and floats on the floor.

Hence, Alex started a new crypto platform named PLC Ultima and coin PLCU in 2022.


The founder Alex Reinhardt is highly active on social media and has 2 million followers on Instagram. But his audience engagement is extremely low compared to the following, maybe he purchased bots following as he also does PR content on various news sites.

Nevertheless, Alex is trying his best to show himself as a “crypto-genius” and “miracle man” of this century.

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Platin Ecosystem


There are different platforms under the Platin name and an ecosystem is built. They have 4 coins under a roof.

  1. Platin Coin (PLC)
  2. PLC Ultima (PLCU)
  3. PLCUX
  4. PLCU Classic

We have listed websites owned by PLC and their use case.

  • Platin Passport to access and manage accounts for all other platforms.
  • Website for Platin Coin
  • Website for PLCUX Coin
  • PLC Ultima to swap PLCU with PLCU Classic coin.
  • Ultima Farm to mint PLCU.
  • Platin World to manage investment and downline.
  • To manage PLC Cards.
  • A crowdfunding platform.
  • Platin Deal for online store.
  • PLC Ultima for cashback.

Joining PLC Ultima

PLC Ultima platform can be accessed through or a mobile application available for Android and IOS.


Also one can create an account using and access PLC Ultima.

After registration members have to make investments and recruit new members to make income from PLC Ultima.

Now we will discuss about PLCU investment scheme which falls under Ultima Farming.

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PLCU Investment Plan

PLCU operates some investment schemes as different packages.

1. PLCUX Minters + Cards

There are 5 packages under this scheme. Each package has Basic Minter and also an add-on of Standard Card with an extra limit.

The below table shows the investment and returns of each package.

Every investment made under these schemes freezes for 1 year and monthly returns are provided.

Package NameActivation CostCard BalanceMax LoadMinting Per MonthExpected Minting
Basic Minter€ 1100€ 11000.01333333 PLCUX0.0066665 PLCUX0.079998 PLCUX
Medium Minter€ 5500€ 11000.06666667 PLCUX0.0333335 PLCUX0.400002 PLCUX
Plus Minter€ 11000€ 11000.13333333 PLCUX0.0666665 PLCUX0.799998 PLCUX
Pro Minter€ 27000€ 11000.33333333 PLCUX0.1666665 PLCUX1.999998 PLCUX
Premium Minter€ 110000€ 11001.33333333 PLCUX0.6666665 PLCUX7.999998 PLCUX
Ultra Minter€ 550000€ 11006.66666667PLCUX3.3333335 PLCUX40.000002 PLCUX

The returns amount varies with the price of the PLCU coin.

  • Max Load is the maximum minting amount allowed.
  • Minting Per Month is the total returns every month.
  • Expected Minting is total returns after 1 year.

2. Ultima X Minters

It is also the same as the above investment package, but it does not include the card add-on.

Package NameActivation CostMax LoadMinting Per MonthExpected Minting
LIGHT€ 1100.00133333 PLCUX0.0006665 PLCUX0.007998 PLCUX
AIR€ 2750.00333333 PLCUX0.0016665 PLCUX0.019998 PLCUX
STARTER€ 5500.00666667 PLCUX0.0033335 PLCUX0.040002 PLCUX

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MLM Compensation Plan

Other than this investment plan, PLCU also operates MLM plans which offer referral commissions on multiple downline levels.

1. Level Income

So whenever someone in the downline makes an investment in PLCU, so certain percentage of that is given as a bonus to the upline.

The below table shows the percentage upline gets from different downline levels on investment.

LevelCommission Percent

2. Rank Income

If a member’s downline brings a certain amount of investment to the company, a Rank is allocated with a fixed reward.

For example, if your downline invests more than €25k to PLCU, your rank will be Sapphire, and PLCU coin of €500 is rewarded.


Remember maximum of 50% turnover can be calculated from one leg.

3. Diamond Infinity Bonus

On obtaining a higher rank, a fixed percentage of total downline investment is rewarded as this bonus.

RankDiamond Infinity Bonus
Blue Diamond16%
Green Diamond17%
Purple Diamond18%
Red Diamond19%
Black Diamond20%
Platin Diamond21%
Double Platin Diamond22%
Triple Platin Diamond23%

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PLCU Review

So hope the above explanation is useful to understand the basics of PLCU, its ecosystem, investment scheme and MLM program.

PLCU seems the perfect opportunity to earn massive returns on crypto investment and earn referral commissions as well.

But before you make any further move, there are various serious facts associated with PLCU and founder Alex Reinhardt.

So let us understand them.

Past Scam Records

PLC Ultima is not the first investment scheme offered by Alex Reinhardt.


Alex Reinhardt has remained the top promoter of SwissCoin. SwissCoin was a similar crypto-investment scheme launched in 2015. It was operated through Germany and declared Ponzi scheme which collapsed later and various investors lost their money.

Alex Reinhardt left SwissCoin with a huge profit and started his own crypto investment platform PlatinCoin. And from there Alex Reinhardt never stopped and rebooted various crypto investment schemes.

PlatinCoin to Ultima Farm

First of all, Alex’s PlatinCoin was an absolute pump-and-dump shitcoin. He and other top promoters made various hollow promises with PlatinCoin and lured people to invest in their coin.

Later after reaching peak PlatinCoin disabled withdrawal and collapsed.

After PlatinCoin, PlatinWorld was launched with PLCU coin.


The same scenario of pump-and-dump held with the PLCU coin. Eventually, PlatinWorld collapsed and the fund was blocked in PLCU coin.

Alex again launched a new crypto coin named PLCUX. And now claimed that the PLC Ultima farming concept is based on the minting of PLCU and PLCUX.

All these combined blunders reveal Alex should not be trusted at any cost.

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Regulators Warning

At present, very few country governments and authorities are active against such Crypto scams. This encourages people like Alex to loot more people across the world.

A Mongolian authority has released a warning alert against PLCU and related entities.

While other countries and authorities are also expected to take action against it.

False Information

PLC Ultima is showing three different corporate names and addresses at different site footers.


All these incorporation details and addresses are fake to ensure investors’ trust.

Moreover, they are promising guaranteed returns on minting but in nutshell, they are doing money circulation.

PLC Ultima is Ponzi Scheme

There is no doubt, PLC Ultima is a money-circulation scam. It is using cryptocurrency to attract investors’, locking their funds and paying to early investors.

PLC Ultima is a cryptocurrency-based Ponzi scheme and Alex Reinhardt won’t stop this scam until serious actions are taken against him.

He understands the weak governance of the crypto market and fools people.

Should I Join PLC Ultima?

No, PLC Ultima is a proven scam and can collapse anytime. Many investors are already complaining about the withdrawal issue and Alex has looted many investors in past.

So don’t trust this quick rich scheme. Also share this post with those, who are stuck in this trap to see the reality.

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