Onpassive Real or Fake Company? GoFounders Review

This post is about OnPassive which is in trend due to its lucrative products and compensation plan.

Although OnPassive is not launched and products are called under construction, but still promoters are mad behind it and marketing this with full potential.

My attention went to OnPassive when one of our visitors told me that this company is working on AI (Artificial Intelligence). I got triggered to know more about it and started inspecting.

Many people are searching on internet about the reality of OnPassive.

This post is for all of them. It is an unbiased OnPassive Review, that explains what actually OnPassive is and did promises are real or fake.

Let’s get started with OnPassive’s introduction.

What is OnPassive?

OnPassive is founded by Mr. Ash Mufareh who is its CEO as well. It was formed in 2018 and has head office in Orlando (Florida, USA) and Hyderabad, Telangana.

OnPassive claims to revolutionize the artificial intelligence industry and providing A to Z IT solutions.

The claims are too big to accomplish and if OnPassive does half of what they promised, it can be one of the greatest business giants.

At present OnPassive is on pre-launch and not a single product launch by them in 2 years after formation.

They are inviting people to invest in them and called their program GoFounders, which now turned O-Founders.

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GoFounders Plan

OnPassive spread because of its GoFounders Plan.

Before launching the SaaS products, OnPassive running the GoFounders program to collect money from people.

More than 5 lacs people already participated in it and according to Alexa statics, most participants are from the USA and India.

OnPassive participants are called Founders and people are paying heavy fees to become a Founder.

Joining and Investment

OnPassive gives two ways for joining. One is before launching and another is after launch.

For now, before launching joining is started. Individual needs to pay 97$ which is converted to more than 9086 Indian rupees (according to OnPassive: 7700 + GST).


After launch, to become a founder OnPassive will charge $997.


It means before launching if someone becomes Founder of OnPassive then they have to pay just $97 instead of $997.

Moreover $25 product package purchase is compulsory for everyone.

Benefits of Becoming a Founder

More than 5 lac people joined OnPassive before the product launched, hence there will be some solid benefits that lured people.

Like founders are recognized in a startup, GoFounders members also get some privilege.

Founders will get early access to OnPassive products. They will be beta-tester and able to give suggestions, vote, and feedback.

Webinars are organized for founders and they will get every update from the company first.

Moreover, the most lucrative thing is the compensation plan. OnPassive has promised to give non-working income, about which we will discuss ahead.

Product Package

Now the question is on what products OnPassive is working?

According to OnPassive promoters, this company is working on every concept related to technology and especially on SaaS (Software as Service).

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Self-Driving Car
  • Virtual Reality
  • 3D-Paintings
  • and All IT Solutions

Above are just a few names, but claims are made to overtake companies like Google and Yahoo.

For all IT solutions, they will build OnPassive Ecosystem.


Compensation Plan

Founders are promised to get income from OnPassive according to a published compensation plan.

You can view their matrix compensation plan in the below picture.


OnPassive product package starts from 25$.

After the launch of OnPassive, every person needs to purchase these packages including Founders as well.

Individuals can update packages from 25$ to 125$ and ahead to earn more commission over each downline.

For founders, it is optional to recruit people, as OnPassive is promising to add new members to the downline of founders automatically.

Till 10 downline levels OnPassive will give commission.

OnPassive Real or Fake?

So now I would like to share my personal opinion on OnPassive and GoFounders program.

I will go through different aspects of OnPassive, which will help you to make your conclusion.

Impractical Claimed Products

OnPassive claimed future products are hard to believe for me.

I am active in this digital world for the last five years and I can’t digest a company that has not produced a single product yet and claiming to revolutionary to this industry.

They are promising to provide all IT solutions from domain registration to SEO which is practically not possible for a new company.

Claim made to create a better platform than Zoom on which they usually do meetings.

Google was started 23 years ago which is the leading technology magnate, OnPassive promoters are saying that their company will suppress Google.

Google is the pioneer of various IT segments which boosted it to grow in all related segments.

Even if OnPassive can launch a domain registration platform like GoDaddy in the next five years in this competitive environment, OnPassive’s name will be written in golden words.

I can say, 99% of their claim will remain just claim as they can’t give a fixed date for launching a single product from the last 2 years.

Sadly it is just a gimmick.

Weak Company Profile

If they have a strong company profile or a well-known person to do such claims, then only we can have slight trust.

Founder Mr. Ash Mufareh is in the digital industry for the last 20 years. But it doesn’t mean he is an expert in all fields.

For most bloggers, affiliate marketers and networkers fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality are unexposed and complicated to understand.

So how an outsider can promise to revolutionize all these complicated industries concurrently.

Google is started as a simple search engine which used to scan few websites with searched terms and after few years used various algorithm to handle billion of webpages.

After 2 decades, now they are working on the self-driving car. They did not make any false claims until they can actually promise to deliver.

Obviously, OnPassive didn’t have a strong company profile. We are unable to find their specialized field and the claim seems impractical.

Without any doubt, Mr. Ash Mufareh is a master in motivating and attracting people.

Gimmick Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is the main reason why OnPassive got popularized.

In nutshell, most participants don’t care about products, claim made and future possibilities.

For only promised non-working income, people are investing $97 to a bizarre company that is in pre-launch.

OnPassive will organize new members in the downline of the early founder and will give commission to them.

But… at the same time, It seems Pyramid Scheme.

If product packages are not worth $25 then it will be a pyramid scheme for sure and a high possibility of it can be seen now.

The money of new participants will be given to early founders and new participants will earn commission when they recruit new people.

For obvious without knowing the actual product, we can’t confirm it is a pyramid scheme or genuine MLM. But we must consider the fact that most education courses and other SaaS packages MLM are scams.

Hence this lucrative compensation plan can be a pyramid scheme.

OnPassive FAQ

OnPassive is registered in India?

No, OnPassive not registered under MCA. It has two offices in India, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, but according to google maps, these office locations only seem showcase.

Is OnPassive (GoFounders) Legit?

Till now OnPassive has not launched a single product and only claims are made. So considering these facts and its compensation plan, I can say OnPassive is not a legitimate opportunity. But still, after the product launch, we can know its reality in better ways.

Will OnPassive ever launch?

This is an interesting question. OnPassive is on pre-launch for the past 2 years. People are eagerly waiting for it but developing the claimed products takes lots of time. Even a single product development can take more than a year, So it’s completely on OnPassive at what pace they can work. But I can predict, OnPassive can’t achieve half of what they claimed.

Should I join OnPassive?

My recommendation is a BIG NO. We can’t trust a new company and give $97 without using the actual products. While its compensation plan is also a red flag. So interested people should wait for product launch and then make the decision to become part of it. For now, founders are jokers of someone else circus.

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  1. Great review! Thank you, helped me a lot, have heard some good things that sounded to good to be truth, but I thank you for your opinion, which makes me run the other way and not to be scammed.

  2. Thank you very much for the valuable information. Exquisitely explained.

    Today, I met a participant of that so called “AI Giant” company. Lol
    Very sad, she didn’t understand my advice.

  3. What a clear and detailed review. Thank you very much for an honest insight, let’s wait for them to lunch first before one can venture into it period.


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