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This post is about Netsurf, a Legal Indian Direct Selling Company and its products price list.

Netsurf was registered on March 15, 2000, from Pune Maharashtra under the Ministry of Corporate Affair (MCA). Sujit Jain is the founder of Netsurf Group which is a combination of multiple companies.

netsurf products price list

Netsurf is a Direct Selling Company that mainly deals in health-related products, agriculture products and skin care products.

Netsurf Company Profile

NameNetsurf Communications Pvt Ltd
Register Date15 March 2000
Head OfficePune, Maharashtra
Email[email protected]
Product CategoriesPersonal Care, Health Care, Agriculture

Netsurf Products

For every Direct Selling Company, products are the most important part to stay with the flow. Netsurf says that its main goal is to promote chemical-free natural products.

For now, Netsurf has more than 60 products in the product price list out of which health and agriculture products are prominent. The products are divided into multiple categories:


According to Netsurf, The naturamore products are meant to fulfill the requirements of your internal body rather than focusing on the external body. A perfect fiction of nature and science is used to make you “Andar Se Fit.”

These are further divided into two parts: Daily Nutrition and Functional Nutrition.

Herbs and more

Netsurf’s Herbs and more category include some vitamin and Ayurveda products for personal care.

Herbs and more products are further divided into three parts: Vitamin Therapy, Professional, and Ayurveda.


Biofit is a range of products promoting organic farming and organic solutions for the health of livestock.

These products are further divided into two types: Crop Care and Animal Care

Clean and More

In this category, Netsurf has 2 products. One is the Multi-purpose Home Cleaner and another is Fabric Wash Conditioner.

Rang De

Range De Category has cosmetics products of netsurf company. This category is further divided into three parts: Lip Colors, Concealers, and Kajal.

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Netsurf Products Price List

The Netsurf Products Price List includes its product details such as Product Name, Quantity, and MRP. The list includes category-wise products from Naturamore to Rang De.

Naturamore – Daily Nutrition Powder

Product NameQuantityMRP
For women French Vanilla Flavour400 gm₹1575
French Vanilla Flavour 400 gm₹ 1700
Plus French Vanilla350 gm₹ 1700
Women Vanilla –₹ 1400
Chocolate C350 gm₹ 1200
Masala Milk350 gm₹1400
French Vanilla350 gm₹1500

Naturamore – Functional Nutrition

Product NameQuantityMRP
Joint Care New30 NOS₹495
Immune Plus60 NOS₹600
Women’s Wellness30 NOS₹600
Eye Care30 NOS₹600
De Stress30 NOS₹600
Mens Wellness New30 NOS₹690
Easy Detox30 NOS₹495
Nutriheart30 NOS₹495
NutriLiver30 NOS₹495
Lifestyle Plus30 NOS₹450
Joint Care30 NOS₹450

Herbs & More – Vitamin Therapy

Product NameQuantityMRP
Vitamin Therapy Face Mist100 ML₹280
Under Eye Gel25 gm₹225
Face Wash New100 gm₹220
Face Wash For Him100 gm₹250
Face Wash for Her100 gm₹250
Night cream50 gm₹495
Day Cream50 gm₹495
Lip Butter10 gm₹180
BB Cream30 gm₹280
Shaving Cream75 gm₹150
Hair Nutriment New80 gm₹360
Antidandruff shampoo100 ml₹220
Nourishing shampoo100 ml₹220
Hair serum100 ml₹650
Oral cleanser100 ml₹175
Body Wash100 ml₹220
Body Lotion New100 ml₹275
Moisturizing soapPack of 5₹400
Sunscreen100 gm₹375

Herbs & More – Ayurveda

Product NameQuantityMRP
Herbal Dental paste125 gm₹180
Aloe Turmeric Cream75 gm₹160
Muscular pain cream50 gm₹250
Crackz cream50 gm₹170
Anti-Pimple Cream75 gm₹150
Neem Turmeric Antiseptic Cream75 gm₹150

Herbs & More – Professional

Product NameQuantityMRP
Massage cream100 gm₹220
Cleansing Lotion100 gm₹220
Face Pack100 gm₹220
Massage Gel100 gm₹220
Face Scrub100 gm₹220
Face Toner100 gm₹220

Clean and More

Product NameQuantityMRP
Multi-Purpose Home Cleanser500 ml₹375
Fabric wash and conditioner500 ml₹395

Rang De

Product NameQuantityMRP
Rang De Kajal Pencil1 Shade₹499
Concealer Palette5 Shade₹1799
Lip Colour Palette10 Shades₹1899

Bio-Fit & Crop Care

Product NameQuantityMRP
Adjuvants Bio-99250 ml₹749
Adjuvants Bio-99500 ml₹1399
Weedicides Encounter1 Litre₹3800

Plant Growth Promoter

Product NameQuantityMRP
Stim Rich Concentrate250 ml₹600
Stim Rich Concentrate500 ml₹1000
Stim Rich Concentrate1 litre₹1695
S.H.E.T1000 ml₹1200


Product Name QuantityMRP
Intact New250 ml₹1500
Wrap up1 litre₹1500

Netsurf Products Price List PDF Download

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