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In the last post, we discuss My Recharge Business Plan in Hindi. Here we will discuss more on My Recharge Products Price List and My Recharge Ayurveda Products.

My Recharge Private Limited is an MLM company registered under MCA in the year 2010 which operates an MLM Business Plan. My Recharge is a member company of FDSA which provides retail profit, performance bonus and few other bonuses on products selling by self and downline.

So let’s come to our topic My Recharge Products Price List.

My Recharge Products

My Recharge Products Price List

My Recharge has around 100 products from the following categories.

  • Personal Care
  • Food
  • Cooking Products
  • Health care & Nutrition
  • T-shirt

The products which My Recharge provide are not overpriced and more reasonable compared to most other MLM Companies. My Recharge products are average in quality. Meanwhile, My Recharge promotes Ayurveda, but which seems only part of marketing.

My Recharge App

My Recharge also offers a e-wallet type app as a complimentary service. The app name is “My Recharge With Live Supports” which have more than 10 lac download on google play store. This app rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by more than 14000+ users which is a good sign.

You can download this app by clicking the below button.

Other than this, My Recharge also released 5 other apps that have a slightly different purpose of use.

  • My Recharge Simbio
  • MyRecharge Money
  • My Recharge Product Franchise
  • MyRecharge Top Up Franchise

My Recharge Products Price List

My Recharge has launched a products price list on their official website in Hindi & English language. The Products List is an Image that has details of all the products the company has.

The list has the following attributes.

  • Product Name
  • Packing (Size or Quantity)
  • MRP (Maximum Retail Price of every product which is printed on products)
  • DP (Distributor Price: Price in which the distributor gets products.)
  • BV (Business Volume: fixed by the company on every product which later used to calculate incomes.)

You can download both Hindi & English Products Price List by clicking the below download buttons.

My Recharge Product Catalogue

My Recharge also launched product catalogue in Hindi, English & Bengali which is rare to Indian Direct Selling Companies. Like Oriflame and Avon, most of Indian MLM Companies never release catalogue on a regular & monthly basis.

Product Catalogues can be used as an important marketing tool for product selling. It gives a detailed overview of all the featured products. Now Products Catalogues in PDF are in the trend which is portable and everyone can download and use free.

You can download Hindi, English & Bengali My Recharge Products Catalogue by clicking the below download button.

Source: MyRecharge.co.in


I hope this post on “My Recharge Products Price List PDF Download | Hindi, English, Bengali” is helpful for you and you got to know more about My Recharge Ayurveda Products.

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