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In our last post, we examine My Recharge Business Plan in Hindi. Here we will share My Recharge Products Price List. My Recharge promotes itself as Ayurveda Product company.

My Recharge Private Limited is an MLM company registered under MCA in the year 2010. My Recharge is a member company of FDSA which provides retail profit, performance bonuses and a few other bonuses on product sales by self and downline.

My Recharge Products Price List

So let’s come to our topic My Recharge Products Price List.

My Recharge Ayurveda Products List

My Recharge has around 100 products from the following categories.

  • Personal Care
  • Food
  • Cooking Products
  • Health care & Nutrition
  • T-shirt

My Recharge products are reasonable compared to most other MLM Companies. My Recharge products are average in quality.

My Recharge Products

My Recharge has launched a products price list on their official website in Hindi & English language.

My Recharge products price list has the following attributes.

  • Product Name
  • Packing: Product size or quantity.
  • MRP: Maximum Retail Price of every product which is printed on products.
  • DP: Distributor Price is a special price for distributors.
  • BV: Business Volume fixed by the company on every product which is later used to calculate incomes.
Product NamePack SizeMRPDPBV
Maangoal400 ml849729600
Manngoal1 Litre207517911600
Maangoal Diabetic Friendly400 ml899747600
Maangoal Diabetic Friendly1 Litre240020881800
Immune Recharge Ayurvedic Kadha2.5g x 30499449225
My Tulsi20 ml21014090
My Stevia200 drops22015090
Nutriboon Chyawanprash500 g19517545
Nutriboon Veggie6 Juice25g x 12480400240
Nutriboon 80% Plant Protein500 g189916501100
Nutriboon Champs200 g691549300
Nutriboon Champs500 g1241981600
Nutriboon Woman200 g625499300
Nutriboon Woman500 g14001199750
Nutriboon Man’s Gold500 g15501275750
Nutriboon Diabetes Care200 g625499300
Nutriboon Fit Meal Shake200 g625499300
Nutriboon Protein Bar Belgium Chocolate60 g994512
Calcium Tablet (5 x 10)50 Tab.16013550
Vitamin-C with Zinc Tablets60 Tab.19516570
Amla Capsule50 Cap.230190100
Arjuna Capsule50 Cap.230190100
Dentaboon Super Toothpaste100g584915
Dentaboon Herbal Toothpaste150 g857540
Dentaboon ToothbrushPack of 319215075
Amla Hair Oil250 ml12511035
Maha-Bringha Hair Oil100 ml250200100
Coconut Oil500 ml24921070
Henna Pack100 g13511040
Shampoo with Milk Protein200 ml280180100
Shampoo with PRO Vitamin B5200 ml280180100
Herbal Shampoo200 ml280180100
Anti-Dandruff Shampoo200 ml325225125
Shampoo Conditioner200 ml21016080
Lemon Soap (45g)Bundle of 812010012
Neem & Tulsi SoapBundle of 41049620
Turmeric SoapBundle of 412010432
Sandalwood SoapBundle of 414012036
Neem SoapBundle of 812810018
Family SoapBundle of 318015675
Faciyo Facial BarBundle of 418014840
Papaya Apricot Face Wash60 ml12510050
Neem Face Wash150 ml190160100
Apricot Walnut Scrub100 g260200100
Lemon Grass Liquid HandWash 250 ml958027
Aloe Vera Neem Face Pack100 g957035
Papaya Face Pack100 g957035
Aqua Floral Pocket Perfume250 Spray806022
Forest Wood Pocket Perfume250 Spray806022
Tove Deodorant Spray (Orchid)150 ml250200100
Tove Deodorant Spray (RockMax) 150 ml250200100
Talcum Powder100 g988040
Tulsi Body Wash250 ml315200100
Tea Tree Oil & Neem Body Wash250 ml315200100
Golden Facial Kit ( 5 in One)80 g499399200
Charcoal Facial Kit ( 5 in One)80 g649499250
Hand Sanitizer100 ml504512
Pocket Surface DisinfectantSpray 200 Spray856520
Matrona Sanitary Napkin7 Pads1054816
Inhaler0.5 ml50155
Lippo Moisturising Lip Balm15 g604515
Pain Relief Balm20 g807020
Shaving Ayurvedic Gel50 g857527
Aloe Vera Gel100 ml12510845
NatureDe Foot Cream50 g17514573
Body Lotion (VITA 3X)200 ml260200100
Under Eye Cream15 g19515075
Night Cream50 g216175100
Moisturizing Cream100 g220160100
Multi Purpose Face Cream50 g23015080
Men’s Face Cream50 g260165100
Pimple & Pigmentation Cream50 g260165100
Anti Wrinkle Cream50 g295200100
BB+ Cream50 g360300150
Crop Booster250 ml450350210
Plant Promoter250 ml500375225
Crop Boon 85250 ml650550350

Download My Recharge Products Price List

You can download both Hindi & English My Recharge Products Price List by clicking the below download buttons.

My Recharge App

My Recharge also offers a e-wallet type app as a complimentary service. The app name is “My Recharge With Live Supports” which have more than 10 lac download on google play store. This app rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by more than 14000+ users which is a good sign.

You can download this app by clicking the below button.

Other than this, My Recharge also released 4 other apps that have a slightly different purpose of use.

  • My Recharge Simbio
  • MyRecharge Money
  • My Recharge Product Franchise
  • MyRecharge Top Up Franchise


I hope this post on “My Recharge Products Price List” is helpful for you and you got to know more about My Recharge Ayurveda Products.

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