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Mary kay is an American network marketing company, founded on September 13, 1963, by Mary Kay ASH.

The company is headquartered in Adisson, Texas, US. Mary kay offers cosmetic products. It is one of the oldest companies (Approximately 57 years old) and one of the largest in respect to total turnover.

Richard R Rogers is Executive Chairman and David Holl is the CEO of Mary Kay. It runs in 36 countries including China, Brazil, and a few more.

It has three manufacturing plants:

  1. Primary one in Dallas, Texas
  2. Second in Hangzhou, China
  3. Third in La Chaux – de – Fonds, Switzerland

Anyone can join Mary Kay as an affiliate or Independent Beauty Consultant (IBC), which can also be called an associate.

Mary Kay Business Plan

In Mary Kay, an affiliate or IBC can earn well by doing recruitment and by selling products. By selling products, they can earn retail profit and by recruitment, they can earn commissions.

Products Selling: By selling products, an affiliate can earn up to 50% retail profit, when they sell the product at MRP because the company gives a 50% discount on each product to their affiliates.

Recruitment: It means adding people to the downline. By doing more recruitment, an affiliate can earn Active Income as well as Passive Income. It is considered as the main task to earn a decent income. In Mary kay, affiliates earn 4%, 9%, or 13% commission on different levels.

But, you have to remember that the company will not give commission on only recruiting people, Commission will be only based on products purchase, whether it can be personal or downline.

Joining Mary Kay

To be an affiliate or IBC of Mary kay, one needs to have some legal documents and has to invest $100 at first. An affiliate receives the following promotional material:

  1. The custom Colour Book
  2. Business Announcement E-Card
  3. 40% savings on business kit
  4. 50% discount on Products

To become a part of Mary Kay, you can contact any existing affiliate of Mary kay to get enrolled easily in the company.

Mary Kay Income Plan

Mary kay offers six types of income are following :

  1. Classes And Facials Income
  2. Reorders or Repurchase Income
  3. Dovetail Income
  4. Personal Recruitment
  5. Vip Car Programme
  6. Directorship Commission

To understand more about this Latest income plan, Download the Mary Kay Latest income plan by clicking the below button.


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