LeadsArk Real or Fake Program? Honest Review

In this post, we are going to review an affiliate program named LeadsArk, which is quite similar to Bizgurukul.

I have researched about LeadsArk’s affiliate program and checked their courses.

What is LeadsArk affiliate program? its product, compensation plan and it is a fake or genuine opportunity? will be points of discussion.

At the end of this post, I will share my personal opinion on LeadsArk. So let’s get started without any further ado.

What is LeadsArk?

LeadsArk is popular for its affiliate program which provides up to 70% commission per sale.


LeadsArk has 3 different courses on Digital Marketing.

Everyone has to buy one of these courses, then only they can promote LeadsArk products and earn the affiliate commission.

LeadsArk Product

As we said, LeadsArk has different digital marketing courses. These courses have modules on various topics such as Instagram Marketing, Personal Branding, Affiliate Marketing, while lead generation is their prime focus.

It is compulsory to purchase at least one product to become affiliate partner of LeadsArk.

Three products are named Lite, Standard, and Pro.

ProductPrice (Including 18% GST)Affiliate Category
Lite2360 RsSilver
Standard4130 RsGold
Pro8260 RsPlatinum

As you can see Lite Product costs 2360 INR and after purchase, it gives silver affiliate category to the buyer.

According to affiliate category commission vary. Purchasing expensive product provides more course modules as well as commission on affiliate sales.

You can get more details about courses on LeadsArk Official Website.

LeadsArk Compensation Plan

LeadsArk gives commission in two ways, one is on direct sales and another is from sales in the downline.

Here downline refer to people whom we sold LeadsArk products.

1. Direct Sales Commission

Whenever LeadsArk associates directly refer others successfully, they get Direct Sales Commission.

According to your affiliate category and sold product, commission is decided.

Below chart will help you to understand this commission.

Affiliate CategoryCommission on Lite ProductCommission on Standard ProductCommission on Pro Product
Silver1500 Rs1800 Rs2200 Rs
Gold1500 Rs2500 Rs2500 Rs
Platinum1500 Rs2500 Rs5000 Rs

For example, if you are a gold affiliate and you made a sale of Lite product, then 1500 Rs as direct commission allocated to you.

2. Tier Two Commission

Tier Two Commission makes this affiliate program more like a “1 Level Network Marketing Plan“.

Whenever your directly referred LeadsArk associate makes a sell, you get tier two commission.

This commission also depends on your own affiliate category and product sold by downline associate.

Affiliate CategoryCommission on Lite ProductCommission on Standard ProductCommission on Pro Product
Silver100 Rs200 Rs300 Rs
Gold200 Rs400 Rs400 Rs
Platinum200 Rs500 Rs1000 Rs

As you can see in above table, If you are a gold category associate of LeadsArk and your downline associate make a sale of standard product, then you will get a 400 Rs reward.

You can get up to 1000 rupees as Tier Two Commission. For that, you have to be a platinum category affiliate and downline should refer someone who purchases Pro product of LeadsArk.

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LeadsArk Review

My personal opinions on LeadsArk are controversial and may not be liked by LeadsArk Associates.

I personally checked and watched LeadsArk course from a standard product purchase.

leadsark course review

LeadsArk courses are not worth their price. Video quality and content were mediocre and you can find such content free on YouTube.

If you are really interested in learnings then either you can learn it free from Internet (following some good YouTubers and Bloggers) or can buy courses from Udemy, Edureka, Coursera, or Skillshare at very cheap rates of some reputed educator.

Cause LeadsArk is not for courses but for their affiliate program.

It is NOT Affiliate Marketing

All of us should admit that we got to know about LeadsArk mainly due to its affiliate program.

In affiliate marketing, we recommend products according to our personal experiences and opinion, then interested people buy the recommended product.

TRUST is the most important thing, all the top affiliate marketers are build cause of the people’s trust.

Here no one is considering the actual worth of the course, affiliates are just hungry for heavy commission on each sale.

Network Marketing was also started with the same aim, sharing and recommending products according to personal experience and interested people buy.

But now in most network marketing companies, everyone focuses on commission, and companies fool people by selling dummy products. And at the end of the day, few get good commission and most lose money in buying overpriced products.

The same situation is now with affiliate marketing due to only such commission-oriented affiliate programs.

For commission, people are promoting anything.

More Like Money-Circulation Scheme

We can’t imagine money circulation in affiliate marketing, but LeadsArk and some other affiliate programs doing it very well.

Most affiliate programs charge nothing to become their associate. You can take example of Amazon, Flipkart, popular hosting companies, or other online service providers. They may check from where you will get leads.

In LeadsArk first of all it is compulsory to purchase their courses, So the person who refers you get some commission. And when you refer to others then you get your commission.

No one is getting good products for which they paid such high amount.

And in LeadsArk you also get commission on sales made by direct downline. It is similar to a Network Marketing Plan which gives commission on sales made by the first level downline.

I am not saying that LeadsArk is not paying, but until promoted products are not worthy, it is UNETHICAL for me.

eBiz can be a good example. eBiz was a network marketing company operated for more than 17 years in India. According to Consumer Affairs, It was also one of the legal direct selling companies in India.

eBiz was also selling some computer courses and suit-length which was their dummy products and charging 10 times of actual price.

In 2019 eBiz scam got revealed and it found that eBiz was doing money circulation. Thousands of people actually earn well from eBiz, but millions of people have lost their money in buying overpriced products on name of become rich opportunity.

Just after that, 3-4 other popular MLM companies changed their business plan which was similar to eBiz.

The same direction is taken by affiliate marketing industry in India.

Not only about LeadsArk, but it will take some time for revealing such upcoming scams.

LeadsArk FAQ

LeadsArk is a legal company?

According to LeadsArk website, it is part of Shamyaan Enterprise, but there is no company registered under MCA with such name. There is only GST Certificate available on their site on founder’s name Ayaz Mohammad.

LeadsArk courses worth to money?

A big No according to my personal experience. Content is available in video format with average quality. They combined various digital marketing courses and selling them as a package. I would not personally recommend buying these packages.

LeadsArk is doing Network Marketing?

LeadsArk operates an affiliate program. They provide two types of income and their second income makes their plan as Network Marketing Company. This income comes from the sales made by direct downline which is like one level network marketing plan.

Is there refund policy available in LeadsArk?

You can apply for refund 24 hours after purchase. You have to mail on [email protected] from registered email with Refund term in the subject. 2% payment gateway fees and 5% progressing fees will be deducted. After 24 hours of purchase, you can’t get refund.

Should I join LeadsArk Affiliate Program?

It depends on personal views. These courses are overpriced, So for learning, you don’t need to look at LeadsArk. And for affiliate marketing as well, LeadsArk program is not recommended, cause the products are not worthy. They may give you high commission on each sale. But in long term, you will get nothing. Instead, start building genuine audience and then promote products which add value to people life.

11 thoughts on “LeadsArk Real or Fake Program? Honest Review”

  1. Thanks for sharing the review. I’ve been thinking about it for past few days whether it is reliable or not, is it a scam or fake thing. Whenever I wanted to have courage and purchase the product but something is stopping me always. So I’ve been searching the reviews some said it’s best some said its not worth. I got so confused. After reading you are blog i came to conclusion of not purchasing that program.


    • Ya ,,I was thinking to buy on of course and the man who telling me about this ,,, indirectly force me to buy bt I have watch a vdo on yt that it’s not good ,,but after reading this review and comments I decided to not buy any of these courses,,,,,,,

  3. I’m with you, even I’ve experienced this. Content is mediocre. Everything is free on internet, that’s why we got to keep an eye towards free learning. The more you learn, the more you earn. Don’t truste these kind of shit company.

  4. For me, this program is ok not bad, and not so good, they are updating their site and course contents, lots of people are earning from this platform. If someone is not earning, they might don’t implement the right strategies and they don’t know how to sell.
    Before joining this program, first, learn how to sell the right way. Some mentors are providing FREE sales training to their team members. Lite and the standard course are not that much recommended but the Pro course gives you good value.
    Do not think just join this course and change your mindset.

    From: Rajesh

  5. Sai bat ekdum.. It’s not affiliate marketing, it’s money circulation. The course doesn’t even matter here. Can be a big waste of money.


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