Indusviva Products Review: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Price

In the last post, we have discussed the Indusviva business plan in Hindi. Here we will know more about Indusviva Products.

What are Indusviva Products, their benefits, side effects, price and our personal review will be the base of this post. So let’s start without further ado. 

Indusviva Products 

Indusviva Health Sciences Private Limited known as Indusviva is an Indian direct selling company that started in the year 2014 from Bangalore. 

Indusviva products review

As a direct selling company, Indusviva has health and wellness products to promotes. Indusviva only has the following 5 products. 

  • I-Pulse 
  • I-Charge 
  • I-Coffee 
  • I-Slim 
  • I-Glow 

IndusViva Products Price List

We will discuss in brief about these products. Indusviva has a very short range of products compared to most other MLM companies. 


I-Pulse is a Health Beverage made of several different types of berries, but the most vital ingredient is acai berry


It has an antioxidant property that stops the oxidation process in our body. Antioxidant promotes anti-aging and protects us from fatal diseases such as cancer, heart-related disease and more. 


The next product on the list is I-charge which is an energy drink. It contains 5 herbs Kanna, Ashwagandharishta, Balarishta, Patrangasava, and Drakshasava

The benefits of I-Charge are good eye-sight, alertness, stress relief, and long time energy.


I-Coffee is a coffee product from indusviva whose key ingredient is Salacia reticulata, and it also includes other herbs. 

Indusviva claimed that they provide more nutrition without compromising the taste of the coffee. 


I-Slim fat tummy bar is a weight-loss product from indusviva. It contains Salacia reticulata and Sesamum indicum.

Indusviva claimed that I-Slim works on certain pancreatic enzyme and contains vitamins and mineral which promote antioxidant activity which smartly help the body to lose excessive fat. 


The last and recently added product to the Indusviva product list is I-Glow. 

As the name suggests, I-Glow is a beauty product that can be taken orally. 

According to Indusviva, it’s the main ingredient is Kashmiri saffron which slows down the aging process and strengthens the collagen of the skin & repairs it at the cellular level. Directly we can say, the aim of the product is to get glowing skin. 

Indusviva Products Benefits & Side Effects

Now we come to Indusviva Products benefits and side effects. You can know the benefits of the indusviva products theoretically from Indusviva official websites or from any of the Indusviva direct sellers.

Nausea, indigestion, vomiting are the most common side effects, which can arise due to sensitivity to used ingredients. Side Effects vary from person to person.

In most cases, side effects arise from the excessive dosage or different reactions of the body to the components of products. It is not only in the case of Indusviva products but for most of health and wellness supplements as well.

The sensitive people who suffer from severe allergic reactions should start with a small dosage of products and gradually increase the dosage to a limit.

And please never use indusviva products or any other supplement for the treatment of any disease or medical condition without doctor consultant.

Indusviva Products Review

We are not Indusviva promoter, our work is to compare direct selling companies and find a conclusion.

The negative aspect of Indusviva is that they have very fewer products. The major competition companies such as Vestige, Modicare, Mi Lifestyle have 100 to 300 products where indusviva only has 5 products. Hence the direct sellers have very little choice.

As we said earlier, Indusviva products look premium than most of other MLM companies products. The company has given great effort in developing products and especially with packaging. But with no doubt, Indusviva products are also expensive like most of their direct competitors.

I hope this post on Indusviva Products is helpful for you and you got to know about our Indusviva products review. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below.

15 thoughts on “Indusviva Products Review: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Price”

  1. I know IndusViva has less scope of produvts. But these are the products for Curing the diseases which the most people facing. I have been using I coffee for 7 months and seriously, My diabeties controlled and I am feeling more healthy than before.. And I have earned totally 60,000 rupees by doing it part time only.

  2. Indusviva का Icharge जब इतना लाभ करता है
    तो डॉक्टरों के पास लोगों की भीड़ क्यों लगी हुई है
    कंपनी के अनुसार यह बहुत से रोगों को दूर करता है
    तो लोग रोगमुक्त हो गए होते।
    कोई भी प्रोडक्ट ऐसा नही है जो कई रोगों को दूर कर सके यह तो लोगों को भ्रम में डालकर उत्पाद बेचने की
    पालिसी भर होती है।
    मुझसे बात करो मैं भी तो देखूँ इसकी वास्तविकता
    व जानकारी क्या है।

  3. Bahut khoob kaha sir but i use this product and i realised that’s it works.ipulse is awesome product.pleasetry it

  4. In indusviva products are amazing products, it supports head to toe all illnesses.
    Products have only 5. it’s to learn and promote all products to customers esealy.
    This products are only supplementary products, we can use it with any medicine.
    Product will be changed ICARE newly add. It’s only for women all ensues.
    Now it’s coat is 3597.50 +100 (handovering charge).

    1. Indusviva products is only HERO.
    2.ACHIVERS are more.
    3.leader supports are very good.

  5. Hi, my name is Daisy, here I want to mention please correctly mention the cost of the products bcz here is mentioned before price ,
    We are facing hard to get a buyer bcz they are arguing with us about the price, more over I’m the distributor of the company, so price giving the MRP please mention, otherwise customers and distributors facing arguments.
    So please notice, and about icare products benefits also try mention, thank you ,
    Other everything fine , Indusviva is the number one in multilevel marketing company in India , all products are so powerful and amazing results , thank you
    Daisy Roy McGuire from Bangalore

    • Please mention the MRP of the product, otherwise we distributors and customers arguments is going on , we are facing lots pblms from customers,
      Other everything is fine , In India Indusviva is the number 1 multilevel marketing company, products are so awesome and results full products, who ever focusing in Indusviva business Journey our life is safe and secure, thanks Indusviva family ☺❤we are viva family. I love Indusviva.

  6. कोई भी प्रोडक्ट ऐसा नही है जो कई रोगों को दूर कर सके , YE ROG KO DUR KARNE KE LIE NAHI BODY HO HEALTHY RAKHNE KE LIE SAI SIR.

  7. Hello, I’m using this product without Dr. Consult will it be okey??? It’s been two months from my gallstone surgery but it wasn’t success.


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