Galway (Glaze India) Products Price List PDF 2023 Download

Here is another post on Glaze India Trading Private Limited. Glaze India also known as Galway in an Indian MLM Company which is a member company of IDSA.

Glaze India has faced several allegations, and many claims are there says Glaze is fraud.

Many people often search about Glaze products with different terms, such as Glaze New Products, Galway Products Price List, Glaze All Products PDF, etc.


In the past few years, Glaze India has launched several new products and few Galway products extremely belong to different categories such as bags.

Here we will look forward to the Global Glaze New Products Price List PDF. In this, we will view all the Glaze Products according to their sub-brand name.

Global Glaze Glaway Products

Glaze uses Galway products for direct selling and Galway has 9 different sub-brand. While each sub-brand represents a different category of Global Glaze Products.

For example, under Galway Nutriflow there are 5 products of nutrition and supplements such as spirulina.


The names of all sub-brand under Galway are given below.

  • Natural Twist
  • Rupabham
  • Srigunam
  • Kalkim
  • Nutriflow
  • Colourline
  • Grihshoryam
  • Dantauram
  • Krisham

Galway Products Price List

Sr. No.CategoryNameItem CodeQuantityPrice
1Agri CareG -Sea Power BagE100910 Kg₹762
2Agri CareG sea Power Bucket-10 KGE100810 Kg₹851
3Agri CareG – PROM Advance BucketE101510 Kg₹851
4Agri CareG-Sea Liquid (100 Ml)P1008100 ml₹402
5Agri CareG- Bio Phosphate AdvanceE10091Ltr₹632
6Agri CareG- PotashE10141Ltr₹632
7Agri CareG NPK (Bio Fertilizer)E10101 ltr₹942
8Agri CareMycorrhiza-G-VAM-(4KG)E10114 kg₹712
9Agri CareG- Bio HumicP1009100 ml₹402
10Agri CareG-Amino +P1007100 ml₹361
11Home CareDish Wash Concentrated GelE4008300 ml₹159
12Home CareDisinfectant Toilet CleanerE4009750 ml₹219
13Home CareGal clean Concentrate Multipurpose CleanerE4010500 ml₹325
14Home CareMultipurpose Disinfectant Surface CleanerE4013500 Ml₹293
15Home CareAir FreshnerS400275 g₹127
16Home CareOxidaze Micro Wash Detergent PowderE4011500 gm₹163
17Home CarePine Oil ConcentrateE4012300 ml₹380
19Body CareAroma Therapy Body Massage OilP6072200 ml₹541
20Body CareRefreshing Bath SoapE6122125 gm₹92
21Body CareGalway Citrus Blast Body WashE6100200 ml₹186
22Body CareBody Lotion Honey and Shea ButterS6057250 ml₹398
23Body CareBody Lotion Pomegranate and Grape SeedS6058250 ml₹398
24Body CareGalway Fruit Punch Body washE6101200 ml₹186
25Body CareHand Wash- Lime and Aloe VeraE6110275 ml₹226
26Body CareGoat Milk Shower CreamS6036250 ml₹470
27Body CareGoat Milk Body LotionS6066250 ml₹410
28Body CareBody Wash Honey & AlmondS6067250 ml₹398
29Body CareBody Wash Pomegranate  & PlumS6060250 ml₹352
30Body CareGalway Green Lush  Body washE6103200 ml₹186
31Body CareVelvet sanitary PadP60641 packet₹528
32Body CareGalway Face MaskE61201 pcs₹354
33Body CareGalway T ShirtE7025(L) E7026(M) E7027 (S)1 pcs₹730
34Mens CareGalway Tie and Pocket Square and BroochP70071 pcs₹1800
35Mens CareGalway Srigunam Men’s Choice  Face CreamS606475 gm₹221
36Mens CareGalway For  Men- Beard ConditionerP6071100 gm₹398
37Mens CareGalway For   Men- After Shave BalmS6062100 gm₹230
38Mens CareGalway For  Men- Skin Lightening CreamS6063100 gm₹434
39Mens CareGalway  Men- Charcoal  Face WashP6074100 gm₹410
40Mens CareGalway For  Men- Beard ShampooP6073100 ml₹398
41Mens CareGalway  Men- Beard OilP607230 ml₹541
42Mens CareHair Styling GelP6038100 ml₹298
43Mens CareHydrating Shaving GelS6045100 ml₹262
44Mens CareShaving CreamS6059100 gm₹190
45Mens CareGalway TieP80101₹999
46Mens CareAfter Shave SplashP6065125ml₹352
47Mens CareGalway Srigunam,Radiance Glow, Brightening & Whitening cream For menP6084100 gm₹383
48Dental  CareGreen Gel ToothpasteE6109150 g₹146
49Dental  CareHerbal Panchtatva ToothpasteE6111150 g₹109
50Face CareBB CreamP607030 g₹424
51Face CareRose Day CreamP608075 g₹398
52Face CareAnti Bacterial Face CleanserP6066100 ml₹290
53Face CareApricot ScrubP6068100 gm₹290
54Face CareVitamin C Exfoliating  Face WashP6083100 ml₹299
55Face CareSunscreen SPF- 30 CreamP6082100 ml₹573
56Face CareNeem And Basil Face WashS6069100 ml₹204
57Face CareHaldi Chandan  CreamP607650 gm₹325
58Face CarePapaya Fairness Face WashP6078100 ml₹271
59Face CareRose Skin TonnerP6081100 ml₹262
60Face CareGalway  Fruit Punch Face WashE6102100 ml₹150
61Face CareGalway Crème with Vitamin-ES606175 gm₹181
62Face CareGalway Citrus Blast Face WashE6105100 ml₹150
63Face CareGalway Haldi Kesar Skin CreamE610450 gm₹132
64Face CareGalway  Green Lush  Face WashE6107100 ml₹150
65Hair CareAmla Hair OilE6098200 ml₹150
66Hair CareAnti Dandruff ShampooP6067200 ml₹424
67Hair CareThanda Thanda Hair OilE6113200 ml₹186
68Hair CareBhringraj Hair OilS6019200 ml₹362
69Hair CareProkratin Hair SerumP607050 ml₹451
70Hair CarePro-Keratin Shampoo With ConditionerS6070200 ml₹482
71Hair CareHerbal Hair Shampoo With PanchtatavS6068200 ml₹262
72Hair CareGalway Coconut  Avocado  ShampooE6106200 ml₹237
73Hair CareClear Coconut Hair  OilE6099200 ml₹150
74Food BeverageKitchen Shakti Premium Ctc TeaE3012250 Gm₹231
75Food BeverageInstant Green CoffeeE3009180g₹402
76Food BeverageInstant Green Tea LemonE3010180 gm₹437
77Food BeverageInstant Green Tea MintE3011180 gm₹402
78Food BeverageRice Bran OilE30131 ltr₹380
79AyurvedicAloe Giloy Plus JuiceE2010750 ml₹527
80AyurvedicGalVeda – Cardovas TabletP200360 Tablet₹699
81AyurvedicGalVeda – Cough N Cold SyrupE2011100 ml₹122
82AyurvedicGalVeda – Gluntrol TabletP200560 Tablet₹699
83AyurvedicGalveda – GuduchiS200760 Tablet₹389
84AyurvedicGalVeda – Stressease TabletP201060 Tablet₹699
85AyurvedicGalVeda – Hepa Protect SyrupE2012200 ml₹191
86AyurvedicGalVeda – Hyper Rouser TabletP200860 Tablet₹699
87AyurvedicGalveda – Noni  Premium  Concentrate JuiceE20131 ltr₹852
88AyurvedicGalveda- Prostoease TabletsP201360 Tablet₹699
89AyurvedicGalVeda – Vito Potent Plus TabletP201860 Tablet₹1298
90AyurvedicGalVeda – Women Plus  TabletP201260 Tablet₹699
91AyurvedicPanch Tulsi DropP202530 ml₹334
92Health & NutritionAloe Vera JuiceE3007750ml₹527
93Health & NutritionAloe Vera Juice OrangeE3008750ml₹527
94Health & NutritionLeanfitz Protein Drink MixS5019500 gm₹2120
95Health & NutritionSoyway Protein PowderS5020200 gm₹1117
96Health & NutritionGalvita Multi Nutritional PowderS5017200 gm₹793
97Health & NutritionGalway  Daily Vital MultivitaminS501860 tab₹1167
98Health & NutritionGalway  Glucosamine With Boswellia and  CurcuminS501660 tab₹1022
99Health & NutritionSpirulina TabletsS5021100 tab₹596
100Health & NutritionGalway Nutriflow CalciumP501560 Tablet₹851
102OtherGalway Premium Shoe Polish Light BrownE611840 gm₹82
103OtherGalway Shoe BrushE61191 pcs₹90
104OtherGalway Exercise Note Book 184E70221 pc₹122
105OtherGalway Instant Shine SpongeE61151 pc₹110
106OtherGalway Premium Shoe Polish BlackE611640 gm₹82
107OtherGalway Premium Shoe Polish Dark BrownE611740 gm₹82
108OtherAgriculture Book-Krishi JagritiGKR0601A1₹117
109OtherSD CardGSDC00011₹1399
110OtherGalway Bag PackGBG001BP1 Piece₹1800

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