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After IDSA, FDSA is next most popular Direct Selling Association in India. IDSA is formed by 3 foreign companies Amway, Avon, and Oriflame. On the other hand, FDSA is consist of Indian Direct Selling Companies.

In this post, we will discuss about FDSA, their Members, and Membership Criteria.

About FDSA

FDSA is a private and self-governing body which is an Association of few direct selling companies. To become a member of FDSA, companies need to follow some criteria, about which will discuss in the end.

FDSA stands for the Federation of Direct Selling Association. It is started in the year 2011 in Hyderabad. Mr. A P Reddy is the current president of FDSA.

FDSA played an important role in the consideration of Direct Selling Guidelines, at a time when frauds in this industry are at peak.

In their initial days, they worked with the FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry) which have more than 2.5 lacs companies as members.

In the year 2012, they submitted a draft to the Rajasthan government to consider FDSA Guidelines. FDSA performed a crucial character in launching Direct Selling Guidelines 2016.

Overall, FDSA promoted healthy business practices for direct selling which is appreciable.

RCM Business, ARL, and Sarsobiz are the first 3 member companies of FDSA, and today including TranzIndia Corporate Network these 4 companies are Founder Membership holders of FDSA.

To bring awareness among direct sellers and end consumers, FDSA launched as PDF which consists of details of Negative Products. You can download this PDF by clicking below download button.

Source: www.fdsaindia.org

The best way to know the legitimacy of a company is to check its product. If a company has negative products, then there is more chance that the direct selling company can be a fraud.

FDSA Member Company List

FDSA have three membership categories.


There is only 4 companies which are founder members of FDSA.

  • Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd. (RCM)
  • ARL Retail Pvt. Ltd.
  • SARSO BIZNET International Pvt. Ltd.
  • TranzIndia Corporate Network Pvt. Ltd.


Other than Founder Membership, there are19 companies that are Fellow Members of FDSA on date 17, Oct 2020 when I am writing this article.


Companies that are start-ups and less than 1 year old are called Provisional Members. They need to pay a lesser amount compare to other member companies to be part of the association.

  • Retail 1947 Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
  • Amrutveda Wellness Pvt. Ltd

FDSA Membership Criteria

If any Direct Selling Company wants to become a member of FDSA, there are some rules a company needs to follow. FDSA executive checks the company profile and then take decisions regarding membership.

Companies can directly apply for membership online on their official website www.fdsaindia.org. This is mandatory to give 25,000 Rupees a security charge first. Other than this, FDSA takes annual fees of 1 lac for provisional membership and 2 lacs for fellow membership.

But it is not necessary for any direct selling company to be part of any association to work in India. Instead, companies must have their name in the Legal Direct Selling Company List.


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