DXN E World Login Process | First Time Registration

In this MLM guide post, we will know more about Malaysia based MLM Company DXN and going to learn DXN E World New Registration and Login Process.

DXN was started in the year 1993 and currently serving in various European and Asian countries.

Their so-called herb products are widely sold by DXN direct sellers. DXN also claimed to be world largest ganoderma product producer. We have also shared DXN Products Price List.

In this post, we will learn about DXN’s official website DXN E World and going to check the steps of new registration and login.

DXN E World

In 2017 DXN had brought a major update and implemented its website. Their website domain dxn2u.com got a new layout and some new features.

DXN Direct Sellers can access their DXN Dashboard via URL eworld.dxn2u.com.


The DXN Direct Seller can get various important information like sales, profit, downline, income and much more by just login to DXN Dashboard.

If you are new and interested to join the DXN business plan, then also you can use DXN E World for new user registration.

We have mention steps below for registering and login on DXN E World.

New Registration on DXN E World

If someone is interested to join DXN and start doing MLM with DXN, then they can easily join through DXN E World.

Just follow the below steps for registration on DXN E World.

Step 1:

Go to the DXN E World Official Website or you can click on the below link to direct visit.

In the menu bar click on “Become A Distributor“.

Step 2:

Accept the DXN Terms and Condition.

And now you have to fill the registration form.

Step 3:

Add all the required information and if you don’t have any sponsor then you can use default sponsor code 128888888.


After filling the form click on Continue.

Step 4:

Now you have to review your form and then click on Submit Button.

After online registration on DXN E World, you have to visit the nearest DXN branch and buy DXN Products.

You will also get a distributor code by which you can sponsor new people to DXN.

DXN E World First Time Login

If you recently registered on DXN E World and got your distributor code, then you can make your first login on DXN E World.

Follow the below steps for First Time Login on DXN E World.

Step 1:

Go to the DXN E World website and there on the menu click on Login.

Below the Login form, you will find “First Time Login” click there.


Step 2:

Now enter your distributor code and click on Confirm.

Step 3:

Now you have to enter the details which asked. And enter the mobile number and email ID, which you have entered during registration.

You will get an activation code on your Email ID or Mobile number.

Step 4:

You have to enter the activation code you received.

Now you can successfully login to DXN E World.

Login to DXN E World

If you are registered on DXN E World and completed your first login on DXN E World, then you can log in anytime to DXN E World to check your business stats.

You have to open DXN E World and in the menu tab click on the login button.

Now the login form will appear, here enter your DIstributor Code and Password.

After that enter Secure Code Mention below and Click on Login Button.

DXN E World Password Recover

If you forgot your password and unable to login to DXN E World. Then you can also recover your password on DXN Login Page.

On the login page, you will find a button of Forgot Password, just click there.


Now enter your distributor code and click on Submit.

Now you have two options. Recover via email or mobile number.

You will get details to recover the password on the method which you choose.

DXN E World Benefits

MLM Software is vital for every MLM company. It possesses real-time business information for company direct sellers, distributors and owners as well.

DXN E World is an MLM Software example. Below we have mentioned some benefits of DXN E World for DXN Direct Sellers and Distributors.

  • Direct Sellers can check their sales and PV gain.
  • Product order history and order shipment details available.
  • Latest DXN News and Seminar updates.
  • Easy online DXN New Registration & Login.
  • Provide guides and updates related to DXN MLM Plan and Products.
  • DXN Income and Downline tracking.

You can also use the DXN App. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding our post on DXN E World New Registration & Login Process, feel free to comment below.

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