DBA Company Fake or Real? Ifazone Scam

DYNAMIC BENEFICIAL ACCORD MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED also known as DBA company or Asort is an Indian direct selling company. People often call it DBA Ifazone, because in DBA promote products of Ifazone brand.

DBA company have vast number of fraud & scam allegations. Only on YouTube several people are posting video and directly claiming DBA as a SCAM. And most of them blaming network marketing as well.

On ConsumerComplaints.in & ConsumerForums.in sites allegation against DBA are also seen.

Here we will discuss ‘what are actual reasons behind all these allegation & did DBA company is really fraud?‘. let’s get started.

DBA Company Profile

Year StartedSept, 2011
Director Beena Devi Bist, Roshan Singh Bist
Company ClassPrivate Limited
Head Office Mohali, Punjab
E-Mail [email protected]

Is DBA Company Legal?

DBA company is 100% legal & registered under MCA and follow Direct Selling Rules as well.

DBA company has right to operate MLM business in India. You can check old list of legal direct selling company in India which is released on Consumerhelpline.gov.in website.

Now, Question arise If DBA Company is Legal, then why many people call it SCAM?

DBA Company & Fraud Reality

Company’s legal documents don’t prove that, in future company will not do any scam. PACL, Future Maker all giant scam companies once was legally operating.

Many people faced economical & social problems due to DBA & it’s distributors. Few of direct seller are primarily responsible for it.

To understand how DBA’s Scam, we will go through DBA actual business plan.

DBA MLM Business Plan

DBA have partnership with products based company like Ifazone .

DBA is an MLM company so anyone can join it. There are 2 ways to earn from this company.

1. Products Retailing

Under this section, distributors can purchase products from DBA and sell them on MRP to earn retail commissions. This commission varies based on the product sold but often ranges between 10% to 30%.

2. Recruitment

The next task is recruiting new distributors to earn higher commissions. This includes building downline network, where upline gets commission on purchase made by downline distributors.

How Fraud Happen in DBA?

To earn more money in DBA, direct seller have to recruit more people and here things rotate.

Various of Asort Distributors use wrong practice to recruit more people.

They recruit new people in DBA, by saying that “you are hire for a job & that much will be your salary“. While, in MLM you can never expect fixed salary from any company.

The DBA direct seller do manupulation and ask person about their qualification. And according to degree person have, they offer fake job designation with fix salary which never exist.

At Consumer forum many people have shared their experience with DBA. People have to pay money for training session as well which is against Indian Direct Selling Guidelines.

Moving ahead, according to Direct Selling Guidelines every MLM company have cooling-off period in which person can return products & get refund. But, most of DBA direct seller doesn’t reveal anything about refund process.

These are few points, which shows DBA Company as a fraud. But actually the distributors using wrong practice of recruitment are responsible for the fraud.

DBA as an organization is also responsible for fraud, as the company is not enforcing its distributors to avoid malpractices and fool people.

How to Prevent DBA Frauds?

As far we know, the reason behind calling DBA as scam is their fraud distributors. Not only in DBA, but today most of MLM company have these type of direct seller. So, question arise, How to prevent from them?

So, first of all don’t invest your money & don’t join their downline.

Secondly, complain against them to their MLM Company. In case of DBA, if a direct seller using wrong method of recruitment. Try to contact DBA Customer Support. As following Indian direct selling guideline company have to take action against them.

Third, If company not redressal your complain within 45 days, you can fill FIR against Direct Seller. Police FIR will be filled under Consumer Protection Act 1986.

Lastly, Everyone who directly & indirectly linked to MLM must read Indian Direct Selling Guidelines. These guidelines promote safe direct selling / MLM Business in India.

So, reason behind people calling DBA as a scam company is their own direct seller who use wrong method of recruitment.

As a MLM Company DBA have products & all required certificate which is important thing. If you know MLM, MLM Guidelines & DBA is a MLM company then never a fraud direct seller can harm you.

Hope our post on DBA Company Scam reality is useful for you. If you have any query or question, you can comment below.

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    • This company is already running a case of 420
      In section A/B
      And there are various time to change the name also
      Employees are working in the wrong way
      They aren’t following any guidelines of direct selling

  1. Dear Gupta ji company is not fraud, had you give 1000 rs to company or your sponsor(friend)
    For eg. Suppose Aap ke papa Narendra ka betaRam name ka apka bhai hai…. So agar aap ke bhai ne gav me kisi ladki ke sath battemizi ki to gav vale ye nhi bolte ki ram me us ladki ke sath battemizi ki… To log ye bolte hai ki…Narendra ke bete ne ….aisa kiya…so aap smj gayi hongi..

  2. केड़ी आशय जी आपके कहने का मतलब ये है कि कंपनी fruad नही है उनके employes fruad है
    एम्प्लाइज गलत तरीके से लोगो को जॉइन करवा रहे है तो इसमें Dba एक्शन क्यों नही लेते because कंपनी also infulance this type ऑफ recruitment
    So aap samaj gaye honge.

  3. Ifft multiethnic fashion pvt Ltd company is it Genuine company (oR) faik company …. please suggest me friends…

    Ifftmultiethenichfashion.pvt.ltd company web :- speed bazaar.co.in

    is a one of the part DBA Company….
    So now can I join in that company….?

  4. Company Kabhi Fraud Ni Hoti
    Bnda Fraud Hota Ha
    Company to 2011 se market me kam kr rhi ha
    Agar Fraud Hoti to Aaj Ko Kb Ki Bnd Ho Gyi Hoti


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