Best MLM Products Ideas | High Quality & Low Cost

MLM Products are the most important thing in an MLM Company. An MLM company is genuine or not, we can determine by analyzing their products.

Starting and running an MLM company is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires great business understanding, networking skills and a burning desire to make the dream of running an MLM company come true.

Products are the most prominent thing, about which we have to think before putting the first brick of the company.

This post revolves around three points,

  • How to choose MLM products
  • MLM Products Ideas
  • How to get desired products supplier

How to choose MLM Products?

First of all, we will see the few parameters to consider before choosing the right product for your MLM Company.

1. Product Margin & Plan

As we know there are various types of MLM plans, such as binary, generation, matrix, etc. 

The product margin we have to maintain according to the plan.

For example: in the binary plan, higher-margin required compared to generation & matrix because of low the sales rate in the binary system.

amway products
Amway Products

The product pricing is highly dependent on the plan. Therefore we have to decide the margin on products with the plan.

You can estimate the product’s pricing & commission rate according to the plan with the help of free online tools. Just search “MLM Calculator“.

2. Demanding 

MLM is started for the marketing of products/services of a company. But nowadays people take it as a quick money-making scheme.

The most vital attribute of the products should be “Demanding“. MLM is a business of people and we can only utilise those people when the product is demanding and regularly get purchased by the company members.

If the 10 people buying household products every month is far better than 50 people buying a holiday package once in a lifetime.

3. High Quality

If we are trying to find high margin products. It doesn’t mean that, take any random cheap product and keep high rates. We should never compromise with the quality of the products. 

We must know that MLM is for our Product. Not products for MLM. 

herbalife products
Herbalife Products

Therefore genuine and high-quality products are must for MLM company.

4. Follow Guidelines 

MLM products should be based on the direct selling rules issued by the government. 

2016, Guidelines by the central government don’t describe the type of products a company should have.

But state guidelines launched by Maharashtra Government ban a few products/services to use in MLM business. 

In which most of them are online services such as cryptocurrency, e-wallet, online education package and online surveys. You can see the below screenshot.

Direct Selling Products

So your company products must obey the Direct Selling Guidelines. And in the future, there is more chance of banning of more online services in the direct selling industry by the Indian Central Government as Maharashtra Government has done.

5. Reliable

Your product should be reliable for the customer and fulfill the promise that you and your company’s direct seller make before the product selling.

You have to ensure that the product does not appear a dummy product of your MLM plan.

6. Range of Products

Your MLM Company should not be dependent on a particular product. But instead of this, there should be a range of products, so that the company direct sellers get more option for product purchase.

For example, If your MLM Company is only based on health products, then the products list should include all vital health products.

7. Competitive Products

Your MLM Company should not sell products that are already competitive and gives low margin to traditional and online sellers.

Vestige Products

For example, the Redmi Smartphones sell commission is very less even for online sellers. In this scenario, if an MLM company wishes to sell such products then it is impossible to give a good income to direct sellers. So before choosing products, checking competitiveness is a must.

8. Unique

The unique products will make you win the Network Marketing Industry. If you followed all the above parameters and you choose a Unique product, then your product selling and growth will be unstoppable.

There is no theory to choose unique products, but it is totally on you. You have to do research and understand the requirement of the people and direct sellers working in the Industry.

Unique MLM Products Idea

Here we will try to give you a few products idea and strong reasons to choose them. You can take inspiration from these product ideas to find quality products for the niche of your MLM Company.

Fertiliser & Pesticides

As we know, our country is agriculture-oriented and still most of the population especially the village population is depended on agriculture.


Providing quality fertilizer & pesticides through MLM plan will be more beneficial for the farmer. It will generate an income opportunity for the farmers. When they recommend MLM products to other farmers, then they will get a sales commission.


Agarbatti/Incense Sticks are high margins products which are daily used by many Indians. 

The high profit is the main reason to use Incense sticks as MLM products. The main requirement is to make products look branded.

Nutrition & Supplements Products 

Nutrition, Wellness & Supplements are the most used products in the Direct Selling Industry. 

Usually, the production cost of these products is low, therefore various MLM companies manage to generate high profit.

forever living products

Spirulina, Noni Juices, Multivitamins & various other herbal and natural products are can be used in your MLM plan. But with these products, the quality of products should be maintained.

How to get MLM Products?

I have decided on the range of products for my MLM Company. Now the question arises, how do I get these products?

So there 2 possible ways to get desired products in bulk for your MLM company.

1. Own Manufacturing Unit

Like other giant MLM companies such as Amway, Herbalife, Forever Livings have their own manufacturing unit. You can also set up own manufacturing unit, which is usually not recommended.

Various enterprises with own products and manufacturing units switch to MLM for product marketing which they can’t promote well in traditional ways. 

If you are starting MLM company with a manufacturing unit then the cost of starting a business will go very high and which is not feasible for most of the people.

Unfortunately, if your MLM plan gets failed then the cost of manufacturing will be on your head.

2. MLM Supplier

Starting an MLM company with the MLM Supplier is better in beginnings. And later when the company grows to an extreme level then the manufacturing unit should be started. 

So after choosing the right products for your MLM Company, contact the product manufacturers and crack a deal.

There are various MLM Suppliers & product manufacturers who are ready to collaborate with the other’s MLM Plan.

It is not necessary to deal with a claimed MLM Supplier. But the product manufacturer around you may provide great products.

Various product suppliers provide rebranding, suitable packaging & pricing according to the MLM Company’s requirement.

You can even search online for the Best MLM Supplier and you will found various results.


We hope this post “Best MLM Products Ideas” is beneficial for you and got an idea to select products for MLM Business.

If you have any queries or suggestions related to MLM Company Products Selection feel free to comment below..

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  1. एमएलएम और प्रत्यक्ष बिक्री के बारे में मुझे अपनी मुफ्त जानकारी देने के लिए धन्यवाद, मैं यूरोप में रहता हूं और लगभग सभी एमएलएम कंपनियां संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका से हैं और वितरक के रूप में शुरू करने के लिए बहुत ही समाप्ति है। क्या कोई भारतीय या एशियाई MLM कंपनियाँ हैं जो यूरोप में स्वीकृत और संचालित हैं, दुनिया भर में। यूएसए कंपनियों की सहायक कंपनी नहीं। कंपनियों ने भारत में शुरुआत की और बिक्री के लिए दुनिया भर के उत्पादों को मंजूरी दी। उत्तर देने के लिए अग्रिम धन्यवाद। निष्ठा से, कर्ट हेनरिक्सन
    Thank you for giving me your free information about MLM and direct sales, I live in Europe and almost all MLM companies are from the USA and very expencice to start as distributor. Are there any Indian or Asian MLM companies that are approved and opperting in Europe,world wide. Not filiale of USA Companies. Companies started in india and with products approved for sale world wide. Thanks in advance for answering. Sincerely, Kurt Henriksen

    • Very few Indian MLM Companies are operating internationally. Vestige is there, but the company is not available in European countries. There are various Chinese companies which are extended globally. Infinitus Global is one of them.

      Thank You!1


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