11 Best MLM Companies to Join in 2020 | Fastest Growing Network Marketing Plan

In this post, we are going to know about Best MLM Companies in India to join in 2020. In our countries, we have lots of options to begin a Direct Selling Career.

best mlm company to join

The Indian Government already released the list of legal direct selling companies & Direct Selling Guidelines to facilitate proper direct selling Business in the Country.

The year 2020 arrived and this year also many lacs of people are going to join MLM Industry. Many will get lured by their friends to join MLM & many peoples especially youngs will jump to the MLM industry to fulfill their dreams to become rich.

But in the end, we should consider the MLM Success rate of 0.04% which is quite intimidating.

Nowadays the internet has become an important part of the MLM Business. Networkers started using social media to persuade others.

And many use the internet to gather information about a particular MLM Company instead of trusting random direct sellers. Because most of the direct sellers still using deceptive methods & information to cajole others.

But it is not the truth that all MLM Companies & Leaders are frauds. Many Indians & foreign companies present in India which gives an opportunity to makes money on the basis of your networking & selling skills.

Here we have listed few Best MLM Companies in India and Fastest growing Network Marketing Plan. But before getting started we must clarify the parameters of judging the MLM Companies

Parameters of Ranking.

Products & Service

On the basis of products, we can easily judge an MLM Company and identify the company is a fraud Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

If the products are highly overpriced and the company is forcing to buy fix package products then there is more chance of the company is doing fraud.

Here are the few attributes if company products have, then the company is excellent.

  • Demanding Products
  • Range of Products
  • Good Quality
  • Reasonable to price

Market Saturation

Market saturation is a situation when there are no more available new people to join an MLM company. It usually happens to the companies which are too old and very popular for a time.

For example, there is an MLM Company A that becomes popular across the country & most of the people knows about the companies.

Because it is an MLM Company, everyone knows how hard it will be to get success by joining company A. And everyone in the country is not an entrepreneur who is ready for hard work for 2 to 3 years without earning much. So the popularity of the company leads to market saturation and it becomes back-breaking for the direct sellers to recruit more people in that country.

This market saturation will only harm the direct sellers in a particular demographic. Because the company will move to another country or region. Amway has faced market saturation in various countries.

Training & Support

If a product-based MLM Company provides proper training and support and after joining you don’t get success, then your decision to joining that company was worthy.

Because, if the company was truly product-based then you got the products of money you paid and in the end, you had learned new things by joining that company.

And if you are keen sure to get success only in MLM then training & support is required.

Leaders & Environment

The leaders and environment within MLM Company matter. In various MLM Companies & especially in Indian MLM Companies popular leaders is the reason behind most fraud.

Leaders teach the downlines to use deceptive methods & false information to lure more people. And later it becomes common for every member of the company.

So, the top leaders & environment of the company should be positive. So we are also considering this as a parameter in ranking MLM Companies.

Best MLM Companies to join in 2020

11. Keva Industries

Company NameKeva Industries
Director (CEO)Mr. Karan Goel
CIN U74999MH2014PTC257493
Started in2009
Head OfficeLudhiana, Punjab

Keva Industries is an Indian Direct Selling Company which was officially registered in 2014.

Keva Products List contains health & wellness products in large numbers. Keva products are not highly overpriced like most other MLM Companies.

Keva MLM Business Plan is based on a binary plan, where income is generated when 2:1 or 1:2 pair added in the downline.

The major drawback of Keva Industries is products don’t look premium in quality.

10. Oriflame & Avon

In the 10th position, we have placed two international MLM Companies.

Oriflame started in the year 1967 is a Sweden company. Avon is an American company that started in the year 1886 which is also the first MLM Company in the world.

Oriflame & Avon products overlap each other at large portions. Both produce premium cosmetics/beauty products.

Like Amway, to some extent, Oriflame & Avon products are also not affordable to most of the Indian consumers.

But for the urban areas, especially in Metropolitan cities, these products can be marketed.

9. Altos

Company NameAltos Enterprise Limited
FounderDr. Ashwani Gupta
DirectorsMr. Abhishek Gupta
Mr. Charanjit Ahuja
Mr. Manmohan Bhatt
CIN U52190PB2002PLC25539
Started in2002
Head OfficeLudhiana, Punjab

Altos Enterprise Limited is another Indan MLM Company in the list. Altos Enterprise was started by Dr. Aswani Gupta. Altos Primarily focus on health & wellness products.

Altos products list contain health care, personal care, home care, and agriculture products. Altos products are not highly overpriced and average in quality.

8. RCM

Company NameRCM (Right Concept Marketing)
FounderChhabra Group
Started in1988
Head OfficeBhilwara, Rajasthan

Fashion Suitings Marketing Private Limited is one of the Oldest Indian Direct Selling Companies known as RCM.

Around 2011 RCM collapse and started with a new plan. The RCM products list is diversified and contains health, grocery & even clothing products. Product quality and price is average.

7. IMC

Company NameIMC (International Marketing Corporation Private Limited)
DirectorsDr. Ashok Bhatia
Mr. Satyan Bhatia
CIN U15490PB2013PTC038243
Started in2013
Head OfficeLudhiana, Punjab

Started in the year 2013, IMC (International Marketing Corporation) is a rapidly rising MLM Company in India. Popular Business Coach TS Madan has also joined this company.

IMC products list contains health, personal and home care products. The product price is slightly overpriced. They launched IMC business app to help direct sellers.

6. Forever Living Products

Company NameForever Living Imports (India) Pvt. Ltd
Rex Gene Maughan
Started in2011
Head OfficeMumbai, India

Forever living product (FLP) is popular for their aloe vera products, which they sell in MLM Business. FLP claims to have the largest aloe vera farm in the Dominican Republic.

Forever Living Products list contains health care & personal care products that are made from pure aloe vera extract.

FLP offers proper training & support and release FLP catalogue on a regular basis.

5. Tupperware

Company NameTupperware India Private Limited
Started in1996
Head OfficeGurgaon, Haryana 

Most of the MLM Companies focus on health and grocery products, Tupperware is among rare MLM Companies which have their products. Tupperware is also popular for its party plan, which makes it more interesting compared to other MLM Companies.

Tupperware has a wide range of plastic vessels & containers. They release their Tupperware catalogue regularly which helps its kitty-party networkers. Tupperware also facilitates proper training & support to their direct sellers.

4. Herbalife

Company NameHerbalife International India Private Limited
FounderMark Reynolds Hughes
Stated in1998
Head OfficeBanglore, India

Herbalife is one of the most popular nutritional products companies which is widely known for their weight-loss program. Herbalife Product List contains only nuritional & wellness products.

In India, Herbalife’s impact can see especially in urban areas. But Herbalife’s journey was not easy, the company has faced several legal allegations by FTC & other authorities all over the world.

Quality-wise Herbalife tried to perform best, but products are overpriced to many Indian consumers.

Herbalife provides training to its distributors and releases Herbalife Products catalog frequently.

3. Modicare

Company NameModicare Limited
FounderSamir Modi
Started in1998
Head OfficeNew Delhi, India

Modicare Limited is a subsidiary of popular Indian business family Modi Groups. Modicare Limited is started in 1998 by Samir Modi which remains a top competitor to Amway India for 2 decades.

Modicare product list includes health, personal, home and baby care products. Modicare produced various talented MLM leaders like Dr. surekha bhargawa.

Modicare revised its business plan and named the Modicare Azadi Plan. The company launched Modicare Business Apps & Modicare Catalogue, which helps their direct sellers.

2. Mi Lifestyle

Company Name MI Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited
CIN U74999TN2013PTC090049
Started in2013
Head OfficeChennai, India

Mi lifestyle is one of the best & popular MLM companies in India. Most of Mi lifestyle products are based on health & wellness.

Products are not too expensive and Mi Lifestyle awarded the best health care brand by economic times.

Mi lifestyle gives training & supports to Direct Sellers and their business is based on binary plan.

1. Vestige

DirectorKanwar Bir Singh
Deepak Sood
Gautam Bali
Started in2004
Head OfficeDelhi, India

Vestige Marketing Private Limited is the most popular and giant MLM company. It started in the year 2004 and also knowns as “Indian Amway”.

At the present time, vestige revenue is highest in Indian MLM Industry. A wide range of products available in the vestige products list.

Vestige has launched few apps and publishes vestige catalogue on a regular basis in many different languages. Vestige provides online as well as offline training through seminars.

Vestige Business has produced the highest number of MLM leaders in India and recently most popular MLM leader Sonu Sharma moved to vestige and left his earlier MLM company Naswiz Retails.


I hope this post on Best MLM Companies in India is helpful for you. If you have any query or suggestion regarding any Network Marketing Plan, feel free to comment below.

Thank You.!!

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