Atomy India Products Price List 2022 – PDF Download

This post is about the Atomy India Products Price List. Till now we have published various guides on different MLM Companies including Vestige, Amway, 4Life, DXN, and more.

Atomy is a South Korean MLM Company, which got very popular in India and various other Asian and western countries. Many people from India are looking for the Atomy Products Rate list and want to know more about Atomy Products.

So we are here to solve this query.

Atomy India Products List

Atomy was started in the year 2009 and its founder is Han-Gil Park.

Atomy Products list India

Atomy MLM Company is a joint venture between KOLMAR & KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) which are South Korean companies.

Now atomy works in various countries including the following.

  • USA
  • Japan
  • China
  • Canada
  • Taiwan
  • Singapur
  • Cambodia
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Russia
  • India

From the last 2 to 3 years, Atomy sales and the network are at the peak. In 2018 their annual sales crossed 1.2 Trillion KRW which is more than 73 billion in Indian Rupees.

In November 2020, Atomy started its functioning in India and it is already registered under MCA as Atomy Enterprise India Private Limited.

Atomy India Products Price List

Many Indian direct sellers want to know about Atomy Products Range and Pricing.


So here is the Atomy India All Products Price list, in which you will get more information about the range of Atomy products, pricing, and PV that direct sellers will get on every purchase.

Here PV means Point Value and the price currency is INR (Indian Rupees). We have classified products on the basis of their categories.

Beauty Products

CodeProduct NamePVDP
D00003The Fame Skincare Set (5 Pcs per Set)60,0007,906.00
D00190The Fame Toner12,3001,675.60
D00192The Fame Eye Cream12,3001,675.60
D00194The Fame Essence13,0001,758.20
D00196The Fame Lotion12,3001,675.60
D00198The Fame Nutrition Cream12,3001,675.60
D00207Absolute Skincare Set200,00017,228.00
D00217Absolute Toner20,4002,891.00
D00227Absolute Ampoule28,6003,894.00
D00237Absolute Serum23,1003,186.00
D00247Absolute Lotion20,5002,891.00
D00257Absolute Eye-Complex23,2003,186.00
D00261BB Cream SPF30 PA++3,300708
D00266Healthy Glow Base SPF30 PA++6,0001,168.20
D00267Absolute Nutrition Cream20,3002,861.50
D00271Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++(White )3,500755.2
D00281Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++(Beige )3,500755.2
D00301Evening Care Foam Cleanser3,500755.2
D00311Evening Care Peeling Gel3,500755.2
D00321Evening Care Deep Cleanser3,500755.2
D00331Evening Care Peel Off Mask3,500755.2
D00351Evening Care Set(4 Pcs per Set)13,5002,855.60
D00757Hydra Brightening Care Set (2 Pcs per Set)19,8002,596.00
D00785Daily Mask Hydrating and Lifting4,000837.8
D00786Daily Mask Moisturizing & Brightening4,000837.8
D00787Daily Mask Cooling & Soothing4,000837.8

Other Products

CodeProduct NamePVDP
D00549The Fame Skincare Travel Kit (5 Pcs per Set)17,5003,776.00
D00553Cleansing Travel Kit (6pcs per set)4,8001,309.80
D07025Fame Skin Care Set Combo (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)60,0007,906.00
D07026Atomy Hand Soap (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)1,500424.8
D92405Atomy Diary0369.6
D92444Shopping Bag White-The Fame (50 pcs per pack)0840
D92445Shopping Bag(Non Woven)020.06
D92618English Pamphlet Foldable (25 pcs per pack)0105
D92619Hindi Pamphlet Foldable (25 pcs per pack)0105
D92658Atomy Life Scenario (English)095.2
D92659Atomy Calendar 2021089.6

Food Products

CodeProduct NamePVDP
D00183Atomy Pomegranate Mixed Fruit Jelly35,0006,401.50
D00975Atomy Cafe Arabica Black (50 sticks)3,0001,652.00

Health and Living Products

CodeProduct NamePVDP
D00160Atomy Nutraceutical Mix22,0003,894.00
D00832Scrubber 4N1,600448.4
D00833Latex Gloves(M) – 2 Pair2,300696.2
D00835Stainless Scrubber 2N1,000295
D00861Liquid Laundry Detergent5,7001,121.00

Personal Care Products

CodeProduct NamePVDP
D00472Cerabebe Lotion6,9001,298.00
D00473Cerabebe Cream5,8001,121.00
D00474Cerabebe Shampoo & Body Wash5,9001,121.00
D00475Cerabebe 3set18,2003,481.00
D00501Toothpaste 200g X 5 N4,3001,711.00
D00510Toothbrush 8N6,000885
D00511Compact Toothbrush 8N5,000826
D00520Oral Care System*1set6,7001,109.20
D00521Toothpaste 50g x 4 N1,600483.8
D00541Hand Soap1,500424.8
D00601Herbal Hair Shampoo6,0001,003.00
D00611Herbal Hair Treatment3,700672.6
D00620Saengmodan Hair Tonic5,7001,062.00
D00631Herbal Body Cleanser4,000873.2
D00645Body Lotion4,5001,032.50
D00651Hair & Body Set (4 Pcs per Set)19,1003,516.40
D00661Herbal Hair Conditioner6,5001,156.40
D00681Hair Essential Oil5,8001,050.20
D00691Scalpcare Hair Shampoo6,7001,262.60
D00692Scalpcare Hair Conditioner7,3001,368.80
D00693Scalpcare 2 Set12,6002,371.80
D00808Atomy Anti Pollution Mask [KF94]  (5 pcs)3,000651
D00838Atomy 365 Anti Droplet Face Mask (50 sheet)9,0002,625.00

Atomy Products List PDF Download

You can download the PDF of the Atomy India Products Price List. Just click on the below download button to get it on your device.

You can also download Atomy Plan PDF here.


I hope this post on the Atomy India Products Price List is beneficial for you.

In the end, you got to know about Atomy Products Pricing and Range. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to comment below.

13 thoughts on “Atomy India Products Price List 2022 – PDF Download”

  1. Is ATOMY will be dealing in Glossary, Utensil, Electronic, Clothing & Etc. in INDIAN Market. In short we need to understand what all the products Indian can buy at the time of launching & latter on what all the products Atomy will be make available in India. So we required Atomy Product List with price in INR mention & in USD too.
    By getting Atomy product list it will make us easy to make understand other peoples to join us.
    The reason we need Atomy product list because some of Atomy existing members are forwarding false message which i feel after cross checking product list from you ( which is very different.

      1. Arun Kanti Biswas

        Whether actual prices in India through official announcement by Atomy itself will be less than what is mentioned in this list. When they may announce the product list and prices.

    1. This is bogus . They have converted the dollar amount into rupees…which won’t be the case. This is not an Atomy official site and publishing stuff like this can have legal implication. So please take it down before you get into trouble.

      1. Hemant kumawat

        We don’t claim ourselves as official site of any MLM Company. This product list is just for informational purpose and we will made change, when atomy will publish their products price list for india

  2. hello friends,
    I am on big level in Atomy. i read lot of comments by different people. i will resolve some points.
    1. High price:- prices are not high if you compare with any other companies. Atomy gives Absolute quality and absolute priced products. means Best quality with lowest price with good quantity. i have compared with lot of companies. they give less quantity with higher prices…check yourself.
    2. Indian government charges higher GST from foreign companies thats why prices seems to be higher but actually not if we compare with another companies.
    3. all products comes through shipping, atomy has to pay the shipping charges also.
    4. atomy works on GSGS-Global sourcing global sales….means we get worlds best product at our home itself, which itself is a unique concept.
    5. atomy has already planted a manufacturing unit but products are yet to be made in india . after that prices will be lower.
    6. All companies especially Indian are selling the products without any scientific research and technology, they all get their products from one manufacturer and put their own label on it( you can check yourself, i will not quote any name here) , whereas All products of Atomy are research and technology based.
    7. Atomy is future concept, its competition is with E-commerce companies only,not with MLM companies.
    8. Atomy if E-commerce concept with MLM….just think if we created a big team here and people will shop the products here with their daily needs…how much we will get income….bcoz every product will be available on this platform starting with socks to vehicles….foods, cloths, electronics, moniles, scooty, TV, fridge, biscuits, juices, shirt,pent,suit,pet items, baby foods, oral care, personal care, home decor, beauty and cosmetics, health products,,,…………………more you can search on..Atomyaza mall korea…..
    9. DALDA gheee is 150/kg and desi ghee is 800/kg………so Atomy products are more that DALDA ghee….if someone cant eat even a single spoon of Desi ghee then sorry to say…..
    10. All the products of atomy are result worthy. you can blindly trust……

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