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Amway, the name itself reflects Network Marketing and lots of controversy. Worlds biggest Network Marketing company in term sales and surprisingly have highest number of allegation.

Before, I get start. This post is about Amway India Products Catalogue. In which will check about Amway catalogue. But before it, we will discuss more about Amway Business Plan & its consequence.

amway india catalogue

Amway revenue crossed $ 8.8 Billion. Which is highest among all other MLM Company. After amway, Avon & Herbalife ranked.

Amway is geographically most widespread and have high range of products. But, amway stats are shocking. In amway only 48% IBO are active and their average monthly income is 200 $.

According to jon taylor book Multi-level Marketing Unmasked, 99.7% people in MLM lose money. Where in Network Marketing their expense was greater than total earning.

Amway Company Profile

Company NameAmway (American Way)
Year Started1959
FounderRichard DeVos, Jay Van Andel
Head OfficeAda, Michigan, US

Amway India Business Plan

Amway Business Plan is just similar to amway global. Anyone can join Amway India as an IBO (Independent Business Owner).

After joining Amway everyone have to do these two task. And all earning depends on these two tasks.

1. Products Selling

If person join amway as IBO, he/she have to sell Amway products. Amway products list have personal care, home care, beauty and nutritional products. On each successive sell, IBO earn fix retail profit. The retail profit can be calculate by this formula.

Product MRP – Product Price for IBO = Retail Profits

Here, company provide products to IBO at slightly lower price compare to MRP.

2. New Recruitment

To earn more money from Amway, IBO have to add new IBO in their downline. When IBO from downline purchase products the upline also get commision.

For example Person A recruit B and C. Now A, B, C all of them purchase products from amway. On each product purchase they all get fix points.

Person A monthly bonus can be calculated as A’s point + B’s Point + C’s Point, Here B and C are in downline of A. Therefore, B and C’s points are also use to calculate the monthly bonus of A.

Pros & Cons of Amway India

So, Amway India have many pros and cons. But, for me Cons are more than Pros.

Amway India offers high quality products, Business Training, freedom of work and opportunity to earn more.

But, practically Amway products are too expensive for Indian Market. Amway is old company and many indian people already have negative thoughts for Amway.

While, most important for earning decent amount of money from Amway is back-breaking.Which is most important disadvantage of Amway and MLM as well.

Lastly, from a decade their is sudden boom in indian MLM companies count. Where MLM company like Vestige and Modicare are tough competitor of Amway India, which products are less expensive compare to amway.

Join Amway India

To become IBO of Amway India, you have two way. You can contact to any IBO whom you know. Or you can directly fill the Online form to join Amway.

For online joining, you have 2 option. If you know any distributor then get register by using their Sponsor ID. Otherwise, you have to select second option. You can check below form for joining.

Note: Before joining Amway, you must read their privacy and policy. Check the income plan more deeply. And, cooling-off period. (The time period in which you return products and get refund.).

Amway India Catalogue

Amway update their catalogue regularly. In product catalogue you know more about new products launch, featuring products and all products mention in catalogue.

Amway India catalogue can be use as a marketing tools. Where, IBO can attract their customer by showing of more about products.

Currently, PDF Catalogue are more use compare to traditional paper catalogue. Most of MLM company release their Products Catalogue in PDF form and amway is one of them.

To Download Amway Products Catalogue PDF , just click on below download button.

We try our best to regularly update products catalogue. So you can subscribe to this site, to get notification when Amway India Catalogue get update.


I hope our post on Amway India Products Catalogue, is useful for you. In between we have moved towards Amway Business Plan, but providing Latest Amway India Catalogue is aim.

If you have any query regarding Amway Catalogue, you can comment below. Thank You.

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