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Amway Handbook and All Product Catalogue PDF Download

Amway, the name itself reflects network marketing and a lot of controversies. It is the world’s biggest MLM company in terms of revenue. Amway is one among the IDSA member list. (Indian Direct Selling Association).

This post is about Amway India Product Catalogue. You can download the Catalogue PDF by clicking the download button at the end. But before that, we will discuss more about Amway Business Plan.

Amway’s revenue crossed $ 8.4 Billion which is the highest among all other MLM Companies, followed by Avon & Herbalife.

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Amway is a Legal Indian Direct Selling Company, having an expensive range of products.

Jon Taylor researched 350+ companies including Amway and Herbalife and wrote a book named “The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing”. According to his research, 99.6% of people in MLM lose money.

Amway Product Catalogue

Amway India product list include Nutrilite Protein Power, Multivitamin Tablets, Make-up combos and many more.

Amway updates the product catalog regularly. The product catalogue describes new products launch and featured products.

Amway India catalogue can be used as a marketing tool where IBO can attract customers by showing off more products with descriptions.

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Amway India Business Plan

Amway India’s business plan is the same as Amway global. Anyone can join Amway as an IBO (Independent Business Owner).

To know Amway Business Plan in-depth, please check the below link to download Amway India Official Business Plan PDF.

Over the last decade, there is a sudden boom in the number of Indian MLM companies. MLM companies like Vestige and Modicare have become tough competitors of Amway India with their affordable products. Our Vestige vs Modicare vs Amway comparison shows the major differences among all three.

After joining Amway, IBO has to perform two major tasks.

1. Products Retailing

If a person joins Amway as IBO, he/she has to sell Amway products. Amway products list includes personal care, home care, beauty and nutritional products. On each successful sale, IBO earns fix retail profit. The following formula can calculate the retail profit.

Retail Profit = Product MRP - Product Price for IBO 

Here, the company provides products to IBO at a slightly lower price compared to MRP.

2. Recruitment

To earn more money from Amway, IBO needs to recruit new IBO in their downline. When IBO from downline makes any purchase, the upline member also gets a part of the commission.

Join Amway India

There are two ways of joining Amway as an IBO. The first way is to contact an already existing IBO. The second way is to fill out the online form from the official website:

If you join online, you can either register through the known Distributor’s Sponsor ID or directly fill out the form.

Before joining Amway, one must read their privacy and policy. Inspect the income plan deeply and product return policy.

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